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FOX News
Nov 26, 2009 11:00am EST
's get back to two soldiers on my left. on the left, katie, a specialist. you are a medic, right? and the only woman at this outpost. what is that like? >> it is interesting. people ask me. >> to my right is sergeant eli. you are a squad leader, right? you are out there on patrol. what is that like? >> it is okay. it can be fun sometimes. >> it can be rough, as well. was your favorite part of the meal today? >> the massive cow we got to eat. >> it was probably the turkey. >> anyone to say hello to back home? >> we love and miss you, and happy thanksgiving to my family. >> my mom, my daughter. everyone, friends and loved ones. miss you. be home soon. >> if you have any problem with leftovers day after day after day, sent them over here to these army soldiers. they have no leftovers. they sucked them all up. they are hungry bunch. that is it. shannon: they work hard and they deserve every bite. thank you. gregg: in saudi arabia, nearly 300 pilgrims are taking part in the annual hajj. they are traveling outside of mecca, where the prophet mohammed delivered his farewell sermon, and
FOX News
Nov 17, 2009 11:00am EST
interview with katie couric. >> i was wearing my attitude on my sleeve, which i should not have been. i had just done an op-ed. i had been interviewed by those national media outlets. very unprofessional of me. my fault. my bad that i answered the way that i answered. jon: she says she cannot predict what will happen in 2012. as for her family, she said that she was devastated when her daughter said that she was pregnant. she commented on the father of the baby, who has said that he has detrimental information on her. she told barbara walters that he has nothing on her. jane: lots of confusion this morning about breast health and mammograms. a government panel has released new breast cancer screening guidelines. the group says that women do not need mammograms in their '40's and that everyone should get one every few years or so. the panel also found that self- exams ultimately do not do a lot of good. this is a dramatic break from what the american cancer society has said for so long. dr. manny alvarez is here to tell us what to do with this information. he is a part of our medical a team.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2